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DVD: Great British Chess Triumphs

Short, Miles and Speelman win against Kasparov and Karpov

2 DVD SET GM Raymond Keene OBE commentates on four great British Victories, one of which has never before been seen on British tv.

DVD: Duels of the Mind

The Twelve Best Games Of Chess: 4 DVD SET

Relive twelve of the greatest chess games of all time, with expert instruction by International Grandmaster Raymond Keene OBE.

DVD: Prelude to Armageddon

Kasparov and Karpov in London: 2 DVD SET

Review the run up to the titanic struggle between Kasparov and Karpov, with commentary by GM Raymond Keene OBE.

The Spectator Book of Chess

An Annotated Anthology 2001-2004

Battle of the Titans

The fifth and final great clash between Kasparov and Karpov

Chess Terminators

the rise of the machines from Deep Blue to Hydra

The Complete King's Indian

The favourite defence of Kasparov, Tal and Fischer

Dynamic Chess Openings

Hitting hard and fast with black and white

Discover your Chess Strength

Calculate your rating from the safety of your own home

Grandmaster Strategy

Ray Keene's Best Games

How To Win With Hypermodern Chess Strategy

Master the art of flank attacks

How to Play the Nimzo-Indian Defence

A key introduction to a major defence

How to beat Garry Kasparov

Wins against the greatest player of all time

Kasparov’s Sicilian Strategies

Thirty Nine Steps from the Art of Counterattack in Chess Opening Play

Karpov - Korchnoi, WCC 1978

Parapsychology , gurus and the KGB

Leonid Stein

Master of Attack

About me

Grandmaster Ray Keene OBE is one of the world’s most influential figures in the chess universe, bringing many notable chess events to London. He is also the author of 140 chess books, the world record- including the widely acclaimed treatise on Nimzowitsch titled Aron Nimzowitsch: A Reappraisal.

Educated at Dulwich College and Trinity College, Cambridge (where he studied modern languages and became an expert on GOETHE), Keene rose to prominence in the chess scene in the early seventies. He won the British Chess Championship at Blackpool in 1971. At that time the UK had no GMs, and its best known player was the highly respected Jonathan Penrose (who famously beat Mikhail Tal in 1960). Keene was the first British player to achieve a GM result.

Keene's playing style tended toward the strategically original and positional. Favouring hypermodern openings such as the Modern Defence, his style of play was strongly influenced by Nimzowitsch, and thus his adoption of Indian-type openings and positions (including the Nimzo-Indian Defence and the King's Indian Defence).

Keene is also responsible for numerous world class chess events:

Keene was Viktor Korchnoi's second during his World Championship match against Anatoly Karpov in Baguio City, Philippines, 1978.

Keene brought Viktor Korchnoi and Garry Kasparov together for the famous 1983 Candidates semi-final match in London. This match was a pivotal moment in Kasparov's march to the World Championship and also broke the Soviet boycott against Korchnoi.

Keene arranged for the first half of the 1986 World Championship return match between Kasparov and Karpov to be played in London.

Keene was the instrumental force behind the Kasparov vs Vladimir Kramnik match, London 2000, where Kasparov sensationally lost his world title.

Keene is the most widely read chess columnist in the world, chess correspondent of The Times newspaper, The Sunday Times and The Spectator magazine.

Keene has frequently appeared on television, most notably as main presenter of Duels Of The Mind, a series which aired on the UK ITV network..he was also the chess expert for the 80 programme series aired by channel 4 on the Kasparov v Short 1993 world championship which Keene brought to London’s Savoy Theatre.

Grand Master Raymond Keene OBE

1964 Won London Junior Chess Championship

1964 Won British Junior Chess Championship

1965 Led Dulwich College to victory in the UK Schools Championship

1965 First prize Hastings Qualifier for next year's Grandmaster Section

1966 Again led Dulwich to victory in the National Schools Chess Championship

1966 Havana-youngest UK player ever to be selected for the Olympiad /World Chess Team Championship - aged 18

1966 Defeated three-times Soviet World Champion Mikhail Botvinnik at Hastings

1967 Won the silver medal – undefeated - in the World Junior Chess championship , the best ever British result in the Championship up to that time

1967 Published his first book at the age of 19 - went on to be reprinted five times

1968 First Prize Slater UK Young Masters Tournament

1968 Individual bronze medal in the Lugano Chess Olympiad - undefeated over all 17 games including one against World Champion to be Boris Spassky

1968 Only UK player to score in the England v USSR match

1968-1970 Top board player for Cambridge University in all matches including three annual Varsity Matches against Oxford University; score - three wins - one draw - no losses;

1969 Achieved best ever post war result for a British player in the world's longest running traditional tournament at Hastings

1970 Top board player for England in the finals of the Siegen Chess Olympiad - again undefeated

1971• Won the British Chess Championship • Awarded the title International Chess Master by the World Chess Federation at Berlin also 1971, the first English player to gain that title for a decade. (NB In consecutive appearances in the British Championship , Ray set the record - still unbroken - for going through four championships without losing a single game.)

1972 Represented England in the World Chess Championship cycle for the first time

1973 Nationwide chess tour playing simultaneous chess to raise funds for disadvantaged children's charities

1973 First prize Johannesburg Open Championship South Africa

1973 Oxford. Took on 107 opponents at one and the same time, losing only one game and finishing in three hours for a world simultaneous speed record which still stands

1974 • Awarded the Honours Degree Master of Arts from Trinity College Cambridge, where he specialised in Modern Languages, in particular the works of the German writer, scientist and polymath, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe • Became the first British chess player ever to achieve a Grandmaster norm , at the Nice Olympiad , also 1974

1975 Represented England in the World Chess Championship cycle for the second time

1976 Awarded the full Grandmaster title by the World Chess Federation at the Haifa Chess Olympiad

1976 World bronze medal at the chess Olympiad going through the event undefeated for the third time in a Chess Olympiad

1977 Invited to commence weekly chess column in The Spectator magazine

1977 First prize International Grandmaster Tournament, Alicante, Spain

1978 Assisted Korchnoi as chief second and head of delegation in World Chess Championship in the Philippines

1979 First prize International Tournament, Sydney, Australia

1980 Won team bronze medal and Individual Gold in Pan-European championship in Sweden

1980 First prize International Grandmaster Tournament, Dortmund

1980 First prize International Grandmaster Tournament, Barcelona

1980 Won the gold medal at the EEC Chess Championship Berlin

1980 Elected President of the Commonwealth Chess Association

1980 Appointed International Arbiter of the World Chess Federation

1981 Honoured by invitation as the first Western Chess Grandmaster to appear in a tournament in mainland China

1981 First prize Lloyds Masters London ahead of twenty Grandmasters and former World Champion, Smyslov

1981 Toured Commonwealth Nations to promote chess

1983 Won Bronze medal in the Commonwealth Championship, Melbourne, Australia

1983 Organised and fund -raised for the World Chess Championship semi finals, having saved them (and Kasparov's career) from Soviet threats not to compete. Funds raised: £60,000

1984 Organisation and fund raising for USSR v Rest of the World Match, London. (With Eddie Oliver of the London Docklands Development Corporation, organised and funded the match within one week when the intended continental venues in Belgrade and Rome had fallen through). Funds raised: £1,000,000

1985 First prize International Tournament, Valletta, Malta

1985 Awarded OBE by HM Queen

1985 Immediately after receiving the OBE, selected to write the world's major chess column in the most prestigious paper - following Harry Golombek - The Times of London: a weekly column plus regular news and comment features

1986 London - Kasparov v Karpov - raised funds for, and organised the first ever official World Chess Championship to be held in London. Prime Minister Mrs Thatcher agreed to open the event. Former Prime Minister James Callaghan closed it. Funds raised: £1,000,000

1986 Embarked on world tour to sixteen developing nations to promote chess

1987 Launched chess coverage on commercial television

1989 His most notable achievement in this area being the 12 part Duels of the Mind - Best Games of Chess series on Thames TV which he both scripted and presented; this was recognised as a ground-breaking series at the time and is still regarded as setting the gold standard for quality in the presentation of chess on-screen;

1990 Dramatically solves the Black Queen Murder Mystery for Lancashire Police

1991 Co-founded World Memory Championships in London. By contributing to the organisation of such Memory Championships he helped a fledgling Mind Sport reach global status with bids to stage events now – 2009 - coming in from China, Japan, the Gulf and Europe

1991 Invited to become Director of the Brain Trust Charity, which has supported other charities such as Help the Aged, made regular awards to recognise the Brain of the Year, contributed to mind and brain-related research, and supported numerous Mind Sports initiatives

1992 Co-organised World Draughts Championship between the Chinook computer and Dr Marion Tinsley, the first ever Man v Computer Championship in any thinking sport

1993 Due to success of The Times chess coverage, further appointed to write 6 more columns per week - every week - in The Times and The Sunday Times

1993 London - raised funds for and organised Kasparov's world title defence against British challenger Nigel Short at the Savoy Theatre. Funds raised: £4,000,000

1993 Made 80 channel 4 TV appearances commenting on the match, published the match book within 3 days of the end of the championship, as well as making 80 radio broadcasts and writing expert commentary on the games daily in The Times;

1995 Co-founded the Festival of the Mind at The Royal Albert Hall, London

1995 Appointed International Arbiter for Mental World Records sanctioned by Royal Decree (Prince Philipp of Liechtenstein at Hanbury Manor)

1997 Invited to write a weekly IQ column, also in The Times, entitled Two Brains

2000 London - raised funds for and organised the world title clash between Garry Kasparov and Vladimir Kramnik, where Kasparov sensationally lost his crown after 15 years tenure. Funds raised: £3,000,000

No other British chess or Mind Sports leader has ever created - or raised funds for - so many events in the UK of such huge international importance. Total funds raised for chess and Mind Sports in the UK in excess of £10,000,000.

2002 Invited to appear as guest columnist for the International Herald Tribune, contributing articles to that paper over a 7 year period numbering 1,800

2004 Honoured with the Freedom of the City of London

2005 Second Festival of the Mind at Oxford University

2007 Third Festival of the Mind, Kingdom of Bahrain

2008 Helped to launch first official UK Schools Memory Championship

2008 On behalf of the Brain Trust Charity, organised a fund raising evening for Help the Aged, combined with the Brain Trust Charity Brain of the 20th Century Award to Baroness Susan Greenfield. Funds raised for charity in one evening: Over £30,000

2008 Fourth Festival of the Mind, Kingdom of Bahrain

Books by now translated into eleven foreign languages: French, Turkish, German, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Hungarian, Russian, Greek, Italian and Spanish

Has over past 24 years raised funds for 40 further major chess events in the UK, including :

Staunton Memorials,honouring Britain's greatest ever player, 19th century polymath Howard Staunton and major London Grandmaster tournaments, including the Watson Farley Williams tournaments to give experience to young UK players, and Hastings. Total sums raised: £1,500,000

Has lectured internationally on strategy , tactics and winning, to major corporations, banks and investment houses such as Amoco, the Young Presidents Organisation, Management Centre Europe and was selected to be the Mind Sports Faculty for the Liechtenstein Global Trust Renaissance Academy

1985 – 2009 After launching chess on UK commercial TV, has by now made and presented on chess, strategy, memory, thinking and Mind Sports. Number of TV transmissions: over 500

1985 - 2009 Combined with his ongoing features in The Spectator, the total number of articles written --since 1985- in The Times, International Herald Tribune and Sunday Times is 9,200

Forthcoming Developments

2009 Fifth Festival of the Mind, Kingdom of Bahrain to include the World Speed Reading, IQ, Mind Mapping and Creative Thinking Championships

2009 Co organiser 18th World Memory Championship

2009 Working on initiative with Prof Michael Crawford of the Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition to develop a national and global programme to combat the effects of mental degeneration in the populace , which currently costs the UK economy alone £77,000,000,000 per annum




Surrey junior championship 1st* southern counties junior championship 1st= 
eastbourne premier 1st *

ILFORD RESERVES 1ST* HASTINGS RESERVES 2ND* UK SCHOOLS CHAMPIONSHIP REPRESENTING DULWICH COLLEGE 2ND*^ london junior championship 1st* glorney cup ^ individual board prize-gold- 1st* british junior championship 1st=

1965 richmond premier 1st=* hague junior^ board prize -silver- 1st= * uk schools championship^ -dulwich college- 1st* 
ilford premier reserves 1st* surrey championship 1st* london guildhall 1st* dulwich international 1st*

1966 hastings challengers 1st=* uk schools championship ^ 1st* havana olympiad ^ first of eight consecutive olympiads representing bcf hastings premier win v former world champion botvinnik uk junior counties champ^ rep surrey 1st*

1967 southern counties championship 1st* hague junior^ board prize-gold- 1st* world students harrachov ^ bronze medal junior world championship jerusalem silver medal* pirbright masters 1st=* glasgow masters 1st* essen blitz ahead of hubner 1st* essen rapid 1st* surrey champ 1st* bognor 1st= weymouth 1st* nottingham 1st*

1968 british championship bristol 2nd=* slater masters 1st* marlow masters 1st* olympiad lugano^ individual bronze medal* hastings premier top uk player CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY SPEED CHAMP 1ST= 
swansea 1st*

1969 hammersmith open 1st* athenaeum masters 1st=* marlow masters 1st=* glasgow masters 1st=* paignton masters 1st* uk club championship (cambridge univ)^ 1st* cambridge university top boards-trinity college- 1st* uk universities champ manchester (rep cambridge) 1st

1970 uk club championship^ 1st* british championship coventry 2nd=* olympiad siegen IM norm^ 1st board for BCF * uk county championship^ -cambridge- 1st* Clare benedict^ paignton 1st=* cambridge university speed championship 1st*

1971 hammersmith open 1st=* british championship blackpool 1st* int german champ berlin IM TITLE UK counties champ^ 1st* cambridge university speed championship 1st* uk lightning champ ( cambridge) 1st

1972 venice bcf rep in world championship cycle british championship brighton 2nd=* uk club champ^ 1st* uk counties champ^ 1st* skopje olympiad ^ top board for bcf team teesside grandmaster tournament highest uk player uk universities champ ^ 1st*

1973 marlow masters 1st=* woolacombe masters 1st johannesburg masters 1st* london gm invitational highest british player 2nd hastings premier highest placed british player uk club champ^ 1st* strasbourg international 3rd=* london chess association masters 3rd= clare benedict gstaad^ team silver /individual gold

1974 hammersmith open 1st=* capablanca masters cuba 1st clare benedict menorca ^ 1st uk club champ^ 1st* olympiad nice^ first british GM norm

1975 torremolinos gm tournament 3rd=* mannheim int german champ 3rd= algarve gm tournament 3rd= alicante gm tournament 2nd= uk club champ^ 1st* barcelona bcf rep in world champ cycle-awarded prize for best attack charlton rated tourn 3rd= with geller

1976 south african open cape town 3rd=* arhus masters 2nd= hannover masters 2nd= haifa olympiad^ bronze medal both team and individual GM title-londons first gm

1977 orense gm tournament 3rd=* clare benedict^ copenhagen top board for bcf team european team champ moscow^ top board for bcf team dutch club champ-volmac-^ 1st* alicante gm tournament 1st marlow masters 1st=*

1978 dutch club champ ^ 1st * dortmund gm tournament 2nd=*

1979 dutch club champ^ 1st* sydney masters 1st=* clare benedict teesside^ board prize-gold team and individual 1st* sydney international blitz 1st* manila gm tournament 3rd= rome gm tournament awarded brilliancy prize brisbane gm tournament 2nd*

1980 european championship skara^ -individual gold- team bronze medals* eec championship berlin ^ 1st* dortmund gm tournament 1st* barcelona gm tournament 1st=* baguio gm tournament 3rd=

1981 lloyds masters 1st* benedictine masters manchester 2nd=* world teleolympiad^ team bronze* esbjerg gm tourn 3rd=

1982 dutch club champ^ 1st* british championship torquay 3rd= london clubs^ -kings head- 1st* ( 100% score board 1)

1983 commonwealth championship melbourne 3rd bronze medal goolwa trophy adelaide 1st*

1984 commonwealth championship hong kong brilliancy prize

1985 valletta masters 1st=* dutch club ch ^ 1st*


1963 patterson irish champion + 2=2-0 won hustler +2 =1-1 won

1966 jamieson scottish champion +2=0-0 won

1967 van scheltinga IM +1=1-0 won

1968 donner igm +1 =0-1 draw

1968-1971 varsity chess matches v oxford university three wins-one draw-no losses patterson +1=1-0 won

1969 williams welsh champion +2=2-0 won bouwmester im +1=1-0 won

1970 scholl +1=1-0 won

1971 darga gm =1-1-0 won

1972 hartoch im +1=1-0 won

1973 dr max euwe former world champion +0=2-0 drawn

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